NationSMS Faq

Q-Can I have a free trial?
Ans- Yes, mail to for a free trial account. Do mention your contact phone for info to create account.
Q-How do I send sms using your trial account?
Ans- The interface is quite easy to use. If you face difficulties call support for help.
Q-Is there a limit to how many numbers I can send at one time?
Ans- As such there is no limit if you submit Bulk SMS or SMS from file or phonebook but while submitting SMS from Send SMS link or Send SMS(Comma Separated) link, you should try and limit the number of comma separated destination addresses to approximately 1000.
Q-How can I make a payment for SMS credit?
Ans- You can make payments via Cheque, Demand Draft or payment can be directly deposited to our bank account..
Q-How after the payment will I get my account activated?
Ans- After you make payment, Send the details of payment via mail to After your payment is confirmed your account will get activated.
Q-I need a proper Invoice after the payment. From where I can request this?
Ans-You can request an invoice by sending an email to Scanned copy of the invoice duly stamped will be sent to you on your e-mail address.
Q- What is payment mode?
Ans- 100% advance.
Q-What all location can deliver the SMS?
Ans- We deliver the Messages to most of the service provider across the country.
Q-CCan I send special characters in SMS?
Ans- Yes, you can send any special character of a US Keyboard.
Q-Are you a reseller or what?
Ans- We have direct connectivity with mobile operators (SMSC). Because of this high volumes can be managed directly at our end whereas if you buy from a reseller, he cannot help much in case of any problems.
Q-What is the through put(speed for sending SMS)? What will be my speed of SMS delivery?
Ans- We currently have a through put of 70 sms per sec. But this is shared between all users so at some times SMS may get delayed in case the load is too high.
Q- Is there any restriction on the number of characters in the message?
Ans- You can submit maximum 160 characters in 1 SMS but in case you want to use long SMS, you can do that but more credits will be used depending on the length of SMS.
Q- Can I send message to anyone for my product advertisement or any such purpose?
Ans- Messages cannot be sent to NDNC numbers.
Q-Can I send binary SMS, like ring tones, picture messages, operator logo etc. ?
Ans-No, this service is not available yet.
Q-We need a proper proposal and written contract before buying any service or credits from you. To whom I should contact?
Ans- We provide formal proposal only to resellers and bulk sms users, for volume less then 1 lakh a month we don't provide any written contract or proposal. Please email at for further details.